Welcome to MeMiRE!

MeMiRe is an online blog initiated by researchers at the University of Birmingham (UK) with an interest in memory, migration and transnational studies. It aims to bring together perspectives on the interrelated themes of Memory, Migration, and Relationality. We hope to spark discussion around these topics and give researchers and practitioners a platform to ‘try out’ and share new concepts and ideas.

The format of MeMiRe is that of a ‘discursive glossary’. The glossary is made up of short pieces (‘definitions’) by individuals on specific themes or concepts. Some concepts have more than one definition. The definitions should be read in dialogue with one another within and across themes. In this way, we aim to build up a picture of debates within these fields, highlight the interdisciplinary links between them and to create new connections.

We always welcome ideas for contributions from researchers and practitioners from all career stages, disciplines and sectors. Please drop us a line at: memory.migration.relationality@gmail.com.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Spiritual/mental migration is meant to refer to nonphysical migration, migration of the spirit or mind to alleviate the sense of trauma and depression. An example is S.T. Coleridge who used to take opuim which resulted in such masterpieces as Kubla Khan. Sometimes it does not work as is the case in Ode to a Nightingale by Keats. African American literature holds good here. A cursory look at Langston Hughes dream poems illustrates the importance of Spiritual/mental migration


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